Farm Girl Meats
Contact: Travis, Honey, and Maggie Short
Address: 17 Possum Song Trail Perryville, AR, 72126
Email Address:
Phone: 501-749-9775
About Us
We are a small family farm dedicated to healthy, happy meat. We raise chickens, pigs, and cattle in as natural of an environment as we can provide. The health and well being of our animals is our highest priority.
We don't feed any hormones, antibiotics, or chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our cattle are born and raised on the farm. They are 100% grass finished and rotationally grazed to provide them with the highest quality of forage available. Our pigs are born and raised in the woods. They assist in clearing brush while they do piggy things including laying in the mud and foraging for all the acorns, roots, and fruit they can find. Our chickens are a slow growing dual purpose type. They arrive at the farm as day old chicks and spend their entire life on pasture with full access to 1/2 acre to hunt for bugs and grab all the grass and shoots they can. They are "real" chickens, meaning they run, fly, and flog the farmer if he gets too close to the hens, it takes 11 weeks for them to reach maturity instead of the 6 weeks that Cornish cross birds take. They're skeletal structure is fully capable of supporting them and they're fully covered in beautiful red feathers at maturity.