Wenger Toffee
Contact: Mary Tellez
City: North Little Rock, ,
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Phone: 501-912-7598
About Us
This recipe found its way into my Mom’s life in 1963. For 25 years, my Mom cooked and sold this candy from her home every Christmas. In 2017, she handed me the reigns. As a mostly stay-at-home Mom, I deeply appreciate this season of caring for little people and chafe against it daily. To satisfy a deep need to be part of something bigger than myself, $1,124.18 of 2017’s profits were donated to the Equal Justice Initiative. My goal is to double that amount in 2018 with 25% of all profits being donated at the end of the year. Thank you for supporting me, my family, and my dreams to make this world a more just, whole, and safe place for all.