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Serenity Farm Bread
Contact: Daniel Burlison & Adrienne Freeman
Address: 423 Main ST Leslie, AR, 72645
Phone: 870-447-2211
About Us
Established in 1992, we are a wood-fired brick oven sourdough bakery in North Central Arkansas. Everything we make is a true sourdough - no baker's yeast allowed.

Each batch of bread is a two-day process that includes regular firing of our traditional wood-fired brick oven, and regular feedings of our leaven.
The heat, stored in the oven’s brick, is what bakes our bread - not electricity or gas. As a result of this technique, each day’s bake is set up around the gradual cooling of our oven. Focaccia are baked first at the highest temperatures, and our sourdough cookies are baked last in a cooler oven.

Each bake is uniquely connected to the environment - the wild yeast, the firewood, and the ever-changing seasons combine to create the true “Staff of Life.”

Our breads have been included in the Westin A. Price's Shopping Guide as "Best" for health & nutrition. Quality ingredients, properly prepared, with no substitutions.
We are a small bakery in a small town at the entrance to the Ozark Mountains. In our loaves of bread we use no oils, sweeteners, baker's yeast, or preservatives. Proper fermentation techniques are what make our bread into the ideal nutritional source for all diets. We encourage diabetics and those on gluten-free diets to research true sourdough as an ideal option for them.

Many, but not all, of our ingredients are organic and we use filtered water and Celtic Sea Salt. Our sourdough cookies contain Coconut Oil and raw cane sugar. Our sourdough banana nut bread is sweetened with maple syrup.

We deliver every other week.