B & B Legacy Farms
Contact: Karen and Danny Ballard
Address: 12900 Bart Moreland Dr Roland, AR, 72135
Phone: 501-680-1711
About Us
B & B Legacy Farms, LLC™
The Ballard family farm is located in Jackson County and has been in continuous production for 95 years. B & B Legacy Farms, LLC was founded in 2019 to increase access to regionally produced whole soy food products. B & B is working collaboratively with others in the Delta to expand regional market access to minimally processed, high-protein, non-GMO whole soya. B & B is currently providing two varieties of Arkansas grown, dry, yellow, non-GMO soybeans. Whole soy product offerings in the future will include Arkansas grown, non-GMO edamame seed and minimally processed whole soy foods.

B & B Soylicious™ soybeans are a small, dry, yellow, non-GMO, “natto” variety. These small soybeans are excellent for a variety of dishes including vegetable side dishes, in soups, salads, and entrees as well as for Asian fermentable foods.

B & B Southern Soy™ soybeans are a medium sized, yellow, heirloom, non-GMO variety. These beans make outstanding soy milk, tofu, and hummus. Southern Soy™ whole vegetable soybeans can be included in a range of soups, salads, and entrees as well.
B & B Soylicious™ and Southern Soy™ soybeans are grown utilizing a hybrid production system, informed by environmental inspection and monitoring to support sustainable practices, including integrated pest management (IPM) and water conservation. Soil moisture meters are used in conjunction with a weather station to maximize irrigation water use efficiency. GPS technology allows the most efficient use of tractor passes, reducing fuel consumption. Off season cover crops are utilized to reduce weeds and tillage, add organic matter to improve soil quality, and support water conservation. Annual soil sampling allows us to apply only necessary nutrients to the soil to feed the plants efficiently to reach optimum growth. Fungicide and herbicide applications are used only as needed. Irrigation is utilized through reservoir water in a tail water recovery system. We are committed to sustainable agricultural practices, selection and production of the highest-quality soya varieties and whole soy products. Research and development have included evaluation of a broad range of vegetable grade soya varieties. Non-GMO B & B varieties were produced through traditional crossing methods. B & B varieties are suited to the local climate which reduces the need for fungicide applications. With third party verification of non-GMO, nutritional and seed germination claims, we look forward to working with ALFN customers, from seed to table.

B & B Co-Founder, Karen Ballard, has completed UA Better Process Control School to support food safety protocol development and processing practices. Dry seed and bean packaging is conducted according to USDA/FDA/Arkansas Department of Agriculture and Arkansas Department of Health requirements (Food Freedom Act 1040 of 2021). Dry beans were packaged on-farm as authorized by the Arkansas Homemade Food Production Guidelines (7/28/21). Dry food soybeans were processed on-farm which is exempt from state licensing and inspection. Dry packaged soybeans may contain allergens. Value-added whole soy food products are produced in a licensed commercial kitchen.