Growin Loca”L”
Contact: Jennifer and Kyle Copeland
Address: 4974 Highway 15N Lonoke, AR, 72086
Email Address:
Phone: 904-525-0171
About Us
Growin Loca”L” is a small, family operation located in Lonoke. Although we grow some standard varieties, our main focus is to introduce unique and tasteful produce outside of your standard grocery store fare. Some customers have referred to our product as crazy but amazing, hence the name Growin “Loca” L. Some examples of are produce are the West Indian Gherkin, Green Apple, and Sikkim cucumbers, Red Ripper, Whippoorwill, Peking Black, White Acre, and Zipper field peas, N.GA Candy Roaster, Ishtar, and Patty Pan squash, and Luffa sponges. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and freshest picked product.
We practice the plasticulture system, which combines raised beds, plastic mulch, and drip irrigation to achieve higher quality produce and superior yields.