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Natural State Microgreens
Contact: Stephanie and Paul Spencer
Address: 14010 Hwy. 161 S Scott, AR, 72142
Phone: 501-231-4819
About Us
We grow a variety of microgreens for restaurants and farmers' markets in our indoor temperature and humidity-controlled grow room in Scott, AR. Microgreens are vegetable and herb seedlings that have been shown to have 4-40 times more nutrient density than their mature raw counterparts. Incorporating microgreens into your diet is a great way to add extra nutrition and variety to your diet while boosting your anti-oxidant and phytonutrients intake-all important components of a health-promoting diet.

We also keep bees in about 7 hives on our property that supply us with honey and beeswax for candles and lipbalm.
All microgreens are grown in all-natural Happy Frog potting soil containing earthworm castings, mycorrhizal fungi and humic acid for maximum nutrient uptake. We use some supplemental natural fertilizer (earthworm castings and bat guano) for longer growing crops that require additional nitrogen. All crops are bottom-watered to keep the final product as clean and pristine as possible.

Our bees (Spencer & Sons Apiary) are raised with love and forage on the wildflowers growing in the Arkansas River lowlands of southeastern Pulaski County so you get all the anti-allergenic benefits of local honey. We use integrated pest management practices with no chemicals. We split the hives naturally when the queen bees swarm in the spring. This practice controls for Varroa mites which results in less honey for us, but happier and healthier bees. Our candles are made with 100% beeswax. Lip balm contains beeswax, shea butter, almond oil and essential oils for scent.