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Drewry Farm and Orchards
Contact: Nancy Drewry
Address: 267 Vaughn Circle Dover, AR, 72837
Phone: 479-857-3018
About Us
DREWRY FARM & ORCHARDS is located 3 Miles East Of Dover at Hatley our honey is never heated and is from Pesticide free Hives! Our pesticide use is limited to class 3 chemicals, we do not use residual or systemic chemicals. we practice safe farming techniques, and continually educate ourselves and others so we can maintain a healthy lifestyle. some of our sprays are found to be even safer for honey bees than some organic methods are. Our Bees are located on site with Large areas of grown up acreage with an extremely diverse nectar source, including many different vines, bushes , native wildflowers, tree blooms, legumes, fruit trees from our orchard and vegetable crops. The water source is McCoy creek which winds its way through the entire length of our property before making its way to the Illinois bayou, crystal clear water. since our bees are a special crossbred hygienic bee we never have to use pesticides in our hives to control mites. Our honey is cold extracted in a state health department certified facility. Our Honey is only lightly filtered keeping the taste pure. We are State Certified and approved to sell these special bred Honey Bees. We also have an Arkansas State Certified Kitchen on site where we process our salsa and make jams and jelly. Become a fan on facebook look up Drewry Farm and Orchards.

New for 2018. KETO Breads and meals to go or enjoy outdoor picnic areas.
On Farm Sales daily.
Events ; Kids Day. KETO kick back night dinner and a movie. And more events to follow.