Twisted M Farm
Contact: April Mitchell
Address: 104010009 MABELVALE, AR, 72103
Phone: 501-762-4621
About Us
We have 10 acres of woods for the chickens to comb over and they do a wonderful job of keeping the ticks eaten up!
The ladies come out of the coop every morning and roam our property until dusk. My LGDs Polar Bear and Sugar Bear keep them safe from predators.
We do have roosters this year. Eggs are collected daily and refrigerated.
We have several guineas and sometimes get an egg from them, and I just put them in with all the other eggs because it's so sporadic when we get one.

Egg production is closely linked to the length of sunlight days.
Medication/pesticides as needed only, withdrawal periods always observed.
Standard feed from the co-op, plus free range.
I do light their coop a little in the fall and spring to encourage laying, however from November 1 to February 1 is their winter break