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Rosehill Homestead
Contact: John Martineau
City: Romance, AR,
About Us
We hear there is nothing better than raising your own tomatoes. We have taken it to the next level and let me tell you home-grown Ribeyes, Bacon, Eggs and Chicken are even better. When mom and dad started planning to retire they thought a couple acres and a nice garden would keep them busy. I convinced them 25 acres in Romance and some chickens would be even more fun. So in 2016 we started Rosehill Homestead with 5 cows, 50 chickens and Dahli (our farm dog). Now we have expanded to growing pigs on pasture with locally grown and milled feed, attending area Farmer's Markets and loving this new lifestyle and the mission of producing quality meat and eggs.

Here at Rosehill, Memaw tends to the eggs, Boompa moves rocks and builds gardens, 14-year old Jaxon helps out at markets and with feeding when he is home, and John (Jaxon's Dad) fills in the gaps. We have learned much since that first batch of chickens fed the native wildlife. Rotating small batches of chickens and pigs through the pastures is building the soil so next year we can have that tomato we hear so much about. We hope you enjoy our chicken, and eggs.