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White River Creamery
Contact: Scott McCormick
Address: 11701 S. HWY 16 Elkins, AR, 72727
Phone: 479-310-0355
About Us
We are a family run farmstead dairy and creamery. We have 90 Nigerian Dwarf goats on 12 acres of pasture in Elkins, Arkansas. Our cow milk comes from our local dairy that is certified hormone free and antibiotic free. Our dairy is located just 20 minutes outside of Fayetteville across from the White River. Scott trained at Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese where he completed basic and advanced cheese making courses. Tessa and our three daughters, Amber, Caily, and Emily, did an internship in Vermont and learned goat health and husbandry. We started building our herd and dairy in 2011 and passed our final inspection in May of 2013. Nigerian Dwarfs have the highest butterfat of any dairy goat, which gives a rich and creamy milk and amazing cheese. Our herd is managed organically and their health and quality of milk is our top priority. We milk our goats twice a day. Our bucks are kept in a private pen from the does, which keeps our milk from having any “goaty” flavor. We have a closed herd of registered Nigerians with many ADGA Champions, recognized Superior Genetics, and Top Ten milk producers. Thanks to our does for help making great cheese!