Bluebird Hill Berry Farm
Contact: Jerry Markham
Address: 3434 Bells Chapel Rd E Atkins, AR, 72823-5922
Email Address:
Phone: 479-264-0197
About Us
*Bluebird Hill Berry Farm* is a very diversified family farm located in South Central Pope County 2.5 miles S.W. of Atkins on state highway 324. The farm is made up of 70 acres which have been cleared of timber and planted to grass. Beef cattle and poultry are allowed to roam free and feed in their designated areas. Vegetables and fruits are grown in designated areas as well.
*Bluebird Hill Berry Farm* uses the Integrated Pest Management system of production for the vegetables, berries, and the animal products grown by us. We are not certified as an organic producer but use the practices approved by the organic producers to produce all of our products. We do not use non organic fertilizers due to the potential of E. Coli contamination from animal by-products. Our animals are allowed to roam freely over the pasture and consume what they desire. Rotational grazing is used to provide fresh grasses for the beef animals and a period of time for the grasses to recover from grazing.