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Great Day Natural Produce
Contact: Nancy Dockter
Address: 8203 Olive Hill Dr. Mabelvale, AR, 72103
Phone: 501-602-0772
About Us
I am a year-round gardener who in the past has sold my produce through ALFN and as of spring 2022 am again selling produce from my backyard garden. I eat what I grow and am particular about the impacts of my gardening practices on human health and the natural world. My focus is on the health and fertility of the soil and the vibrancy of the plants it supports. I am not certified as an organic grower because the certification process is not feasible for an operation as small as mine. I use no artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers in my garden. I maintain the fertility of my garden's soil through use of rock minerals, compost, manure, and seed and feather meals. Anyone who has questions about my gardening practices or crops, would like to ask for or share information about gardening, or would like to visit my garden is welcome to contact me!