McSwain Ranch
Contact: Michael McSwain
Address: 1636 Hwy 31 S Lonoke, AR, 72086
Email Address:
Phone: 501-676-1572
About Us
We own and operate McSwain Ranch on152 acres located on the Bayou Meto 2 miles south of Lonoke. We raise 100% grass-fed and finished lamb and beef. Our breeds are Katahdin Hair Sheep and Angus/cross cattle. We practice wholistic regenerative agriculture using electric fencing and permanent water tanks. Our pastures are divided up into multiple paddocks on which we move the animals to fresh grass with shade and clean water everyday during the growing season. No chemicals have been used on our land in over 30 years and no antibiotics or drugs of any kind are used on the animals. We believe in the power of native grass to provide healthy forage for our ruminants. The flavor of the meat reflects the "terroir" or local flavor of the earth.