Food For Thought Farm
Contact: Rod Collins
Address: 522 Breezewood Road Bigelow, AR, 72016
Email Address:
Phone: 501-213-5561
About Us
Family farm on the high bank of the Arkansas River at Toad Suck. We raise our own food, fodder, medicine, clothes and fuel as much as possible to be as close to nature and God as possible.
We follow the Permaculture Ethics and treat all God's creatures and plants with the respect they deserve by fashioning our farm as close to nature's patterns as possible. Obviously, we do not use chemicals, pharma, or synthetics and try to reduce our use of oil and plastics. Everything we do is considered for its highest and best use. Feeding ourselves and our community is top of the list; caring for Earth's animals and plants, too; also, making our farm and community more resilient and productive is important as well. We raise three kids under the age of 8 to do the same.