Contact: Jimmy C Baker & S Carlin Baker-Long
Address: P.O. Box 172 Drasco, AR, 72530
Email Address:
Phone: 501-515-7776
About Us
Park Hill Foods is a Cottage-licensed food producer located in Drasco AR owned and operated by Jimmy Baker and S Carlin Baker-Long - both with experience as caterers and restaurant owners in New York and Florida. We will be making deliveries to ALFN and the Little Rock area EVERY OTHER FRIDAY BEGINNING FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2021.
As our logo states, we firmly believe that you can't beat food made from scratch, in small batches, from basic ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible and never containing any added chemicals or preservatives. You may also be assured that, as experienced Chefs, we strictly adhere to safer practices throughout the production process.