Calvert Family Farm
Contact: Joe & Niki Calvert
Address: 278 Arkavalley Rd. Greenbrier, AR, 72058
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About Us
Calvert Enterprises is the family farm of Joe, Niki, Hannah, Micah, Bethany, Tabitha, Timothy and Faith Calvert. Our mission is to work together as a family, raising most of our own food and growing excellent produce to offer to our neighbors as well. We want to steward and improve the land in a way that respects the work of the Creator and the blessings He has given us, while growing food that nourishes the health of those who eat it, and living a lifestyle of nurturing our children to grow toward God.
We are Certified Naturally Grown. We work to improve the soil quality with compost, focus on mechanical rather than chemical means of dealing with pests, and raise our products in such a way that we are comfortable with our children eating them right out of the garden.